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In order to ensure consistent and continuous outcome of distillery, it is evident that along with superiority of technology there is a need of monitoring everyday conditions of distillery plant. ProWATCH is product of years of Research and Development from Team Procient which enables the authorities to have consistent Watch over happenings in their distillery plant.

KLFs – Key live feeds – from plant are fed to ProWATCH which transmits the same to the Procient Space. Procient Space re-routes the data to multiple smart devices. It can be owner’s smart phone or General manager’s desktop.
The transmitted information undergoes Procient’s pre-fed Algorithm wherein the parameters at which plant is functioning is studied and comparison charts in most user-friendly front-end are conveyed. One of the most important feature of ProWATCH is the information transfer is 100% accurate and live. This helps remote viewer – be it an investor, operator and any authorised representative from plant – to get exact idea of plant functionality.

ProWATCH has two categories within it, PRO-WatchMaster & PRO-WatchAux

This node remains connected to Procient Server and live feed is available at Watch-Screen 24X7 for technical analysis team at Procient. All our supplies so far which are infused with ProWATCH are shown on the watch-screen at our headquarters. The pre-fed algorithm not only gives comparative data but also draws attention towards corrective actions by alarms and color code.

This node has multiple – Maximum up to 3 – replicas. This can be configured on 3 devices at a time which can illustrate same plant parameter information on all 3 at time. It is completely in client’s propagative to authenticate representatives for ProWATCH.

PRO-WatchMaster enables us to extend our technical assistance based on real life parameter feed whereas PRO-WatchAux enables our client to get the plant functionality information directly on their Smart Phones (Via Android Based Application) or laptops (Via Web Based program)

Procient is proud pioneer for ProWATCH technology as well its unique algorithm.