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Distillation in Distillery Plants

- For best in class alcohol quality in distillation process

Distillation as its name suggests; does the major work of gaining purer form of alcohol. Here too, so many so called ‘cost saving variants’ are introduced by many in the industry. Be it shrinking down the sizes of column or reducing the number of distillation plates in the columns. There are suppliers today who offer material of different makes.

With Pro-DIST, Procient again emphasises on zero compromise with technicalities. How, a simmering column – which is needed to be in Complete Copper for removing sulfuric impurities – can be replaced with SS make? Copper while reacting with sulfuric impurities in the alcohol reduces them considerably. How can this be addressed if this column is supplied in SS? Yes, it may save some amount for supplier but what about the quality? Pro-DIST never deflects from these necessary parameters.

If specifically asked, any supplier can honour the REQUEST of all these provisions, but at Procient by company policy we do not deviate from what is best suited for the plants to go on for seasons. For us Pro-DIST is default.

Comparison Parameter Conventional Distillation Process Pro-Dist
Provision of reboiler to every column NO YES
Reduction of water consumption in ED column NO Yes. With usage of rectified lees water up to 75%
Number of Trays in PRC 56 Nos 60 Nos
Number of Trays in ISP 50 Nos 64 Nos
Bubbled Cap Tray Usage Less than 10 trays At least in 20 Trays
MOC Simmering Column SS Shell and Copper Trays Complete Copper
MOC of RC Top Tray SS Complete Copper
Minimum Steam Pressure at which process can be functioned 3.5 Kg/Cm2 1.5 Kg/Cm2
Number of flexible parameters available for operator on HMI for convenience >5 <10