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Fermentation in Distillery Plants

- For Better Continuity in Dehydration Process

Removal of water and getting only alcohol is the fundamental aim of dehydration process. Pro-DEHY is the combination of sequences designed and developed which are best suited for the dehydration process.

The frequency at which beds in the Dehydration system are operated it is natural for it to undergo minor or major course correction / maintenance etc for which generally there are no options available but to stop the plant. With Pro-DEHY infusion special provision is introduced wherein these course corrections can be done without stopping the plant. This in turn can save 3-4 hours with this which is big time when the annual production is considered. This can not be achieved with any other existing and conventional technologies today. This feature with Pro-DEHY is by default one!

Pro-DEHY has proven its utility when plant functionality in longer run is considered.

Comparison Parameter Conventional Distillation Process Pro-Dehy
Continuity mode NO YES
Vacuum generation mode Vacuum Pumps Ejector Technology
Step Set Time Flexibility 4-5 Steps’ set time All 8 Steps’ Set time
Operational Modes Auto, Manual Auto, Manual and Smart Mode