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- Pain Areas of Distillery Functionality

A lot at Stake

Issues with plant functionality can cost supplier 10% of project, whereas for distillery owner; 90% of the investment remains at stake.

Plant Commissioning

Commissioning can be achieved by minor manipulation even with technically compromised plant. Commissioned plant does not ensure functionality in longer run.      

Consumable Management

Enzymes and Chemicals are the consumables required to be maintained at distillery, cost of which is never considered.

Plant Management Expertise
Plant is commissioned by supplier’s representative whereas it is needed to operated by onsite authorities and it take time for them to get hang of the operational procedure of the plant


At Procient when our concern has always been long term health and lucrativeness of the distillery plants we supply, we were entitled to come up with solution for everything mentioned above.

Procient is proud pioneer for one of its kind module in the world of distillery – Pro-FAM – Procient’s Functionality assurance module. With Pro-FAM – as its name suggests, Procient not only takes the responsibility of turn key supply, but it also offers to remain answerable for the outcome of it in given conditions. At Procient – thanks to our policy of zero compromise with technology, functionality assurance is anyway easier task as our plants have edge of superiority when compared to others. In fact credit goes to our technology that we can come up with this module wherein we choose to work shoulder to shoulder in getting the outcome from the Procient plants.

Here is in depth how Pro-FAM ensures plant functionality.

Pro-FAM and it's 3 point program.

Zero Compromise with Technology

- Procient’s Pro-tech and all the technodules associated within it are designed in a way that everything necessary for plant’s functionality is considered as a part of supply.

- Every process has different module which emphasises on long run functionality of the plant

- Procient advocates zero deviation from the technicalities and so far has never met a client who wishes to compromise it – especially after understanding the risks involved – in order to save on one time cost.

Procient on Plant - Procient under Pro-FAM makes sure that for 90 working days Procient representative remains on site with his personal KRA to make plant function flawlessly.

- The tenure can be extended by twice as much if recommended by the client but as per our experience that has never happened so far

- While his representation on our behalf on plant he is trained to undergo following programs as a standard

Complete live on plant technical training to plant representative

In depth procedural training on different types of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance

  • Preventive Maintenance (Scheduled)
  • Regular Maintenance (scheduled)
  • Break Down maintenance (Un scheduled)
  • Procient with this deputation ensures not only the functionality is being closely monitored but also hands over key notes on enhancing the plant consistency.

    Direct source bridge – With Procient on plant, customer for any issues regarding some of the bought outs like Pumps, compressors, instruments etc, can establish swift communication with sources and corrective actions can be planned reducing the downtime considerably.

Under this program of Pro-FAM, Procient avails complete inventory management of all the consumables required to run the plant.

Plant authorities will not get exact type of enzymes are required to achieve the desired yield and they need not require to bother about its inventory.

For Pro-Fam plants, Procient ensures the delivery of right enzymes at right time for multiple seasons. And on completion of duration of pro-FAM period, entire schedule is handed over to the authorities in order to follow and ensure the same results.

From chemicals required for cleaning to acids and antifoam required for dosing, Procient not only ensures stocks on plant’s behalf but also ensures timely supply and implementation without flaw.

While going for distilleries no one today works out the cost require for these consumables to run the plant. With Pro-FAM implementation Procient takes care of this variable with insurance of outcome.