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Year's of Working Experience

While working for over 2 decades now and watching closely the transformation the distillery industry has and is still undergoing, two most precious virtues I believe any plant supplier should imbibe are CONSISTENCY by which plant gives outcome and CONTINUITY by which it keeps on giving it.

At Procient I recollect the old days when we started as consultants, our ‘zero compromise with technology’ approach has always been our USP and it built our repute in this world. Sometimes I wonder is it really difficult to be truthful to the technology one endorses? I feel it should be fundamentals of any business, but during our initial days itself – to our surprise – we found, it is rare quality to possess! With complete awareness, we have begun supplying complete distillery plants with ‘zero compromise with technology’. Today I am proud, it is fundamental principle of our company.

Today I have chosen to write about our two revolutionary brain-childs. I am hoping these will further make you believe in our resonance with Consistency and Continuity of plants we supply.

Our obsession of CONSISTENCY and CONTINUITY for distillery plants shaped our new objective! Procient’s Functionality Assurance Module – Pro-FAM. Procient is proud pioneer for this module in the world of distillery. Under this Procient not only guarantees the equipment supplied with plant but we also takes the responsibility of its functionality. Considering the kind of deviations introduced in the distillery technology, no one today can dare to do that!

Pro-FAM is preferred choice for every distillery owner who has plant functionality as his upmost priority. With Procient, finally we offer a choice of long term companionship instead of mere vendors who commission and move on. Read more

Knowing what exactly is going on in plant supplied has never been priority of plant suppliers. Neither so far anyone has come up with a concept of remote watch availing to the owners and investors of the distillery. At ProWATCH we have evolved a module wherein all the fundamentals of the day to day distillery processes are made available to authorities right on their smart mobile phones. ProWATCH when incorporated with Procient plants, gathers all the desired data and transmits it to Pre-installed and pre-configured master and auxiliary applications on the smart devices being carried by the authorities.

So no matter where you are, if you are authorised to know the functionality of your plant, with ProWATCH you can get access to all the major parameters but it also runs pre-fed algorithms calculating the areas of improvement in order to get better outcome of it. With ProWATCH Master being linked to us directly, we always remain associated and our technical assistance do not really need any verbal transfer of information as we watch out for you with ProWATCH all the time.

With ProWATCH, we – at Procient – are proudly pioneering another customer oriented concept which is likely to cause revolution in the field of distillery. Read more

Company Overview

Distillery field is being looked up to as a prominent sector for solutions regarding alternatives it can provide to agriculture industry in our country. Today the grain based distilleries are gaining as much of the importance as that of the molasses based and with paradigm shift in the demand of ethanol as a fuel, this sector is expected to remain an area of attention and a major contributor in making our country self sufficient in renewable sustainable energy.

Distillery plants are normally an extension of business for the owners and organisations. More than supplier they seek for a solution provider, a partner who can not only provide customised solution suiting their requirement but also makes sure that the same functions. Someone who works shoulder to shoulder ensuring the assured return on investment figures.

Our Technodules

At Procient, we have been consciously following a path wherein a one-stop-solution for complete distillery plants along with functionality assurance can be offered with proven technodules providing consistency with outcome and continuity with functionality.
Technology basket of Procient – popularly known as Pro-Tech has 4 basic building blocks segmented with respect to the processes within distillery.

For Yeast assurance in fermentation process

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For best in class alcohol quality in distillation process

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For Better Continuity in Dehydration Process

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For Maintenance free Evaporation Process

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Flexible Execution Methods!

Since making Procient plant function flawlessly is the priority of our work, we extend flexible terms of execution! Under these; structural, civil and even standard bought outs can be managed directly by client with our designs and under our supervision. With this option too, we do not shift the responsibility of plant functionality to the client and all our standard execution programs like third party civil analysis, structural audits remain unchanged irrespective of the scope of work. Project execution options like these reduce the expenditure of the installation without any compromise whatsoever with necessary technicalities which in recent past has been practiced conveniently.

With technical advantage, stringent quality processes and Procient’s team determined for meeting the targets, we work only to make you say, “Procient plants are for results and not for excuses!”

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